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MACHINES / Cutter units


Ideal tool for the whole pastry and pralinery. Lira/E is an electric cutter which allows the cut of any hard mix also containing almonds, hazelnuts and dried fruits in general.

Manual Lira

Manual Lira is an exclusive innovation to the cutting system of soft chocolates, chocolates with nuts and other hard mix. The working surface advancement is obtained by moving a little flywheel which allows the operator to control the speed during the cutting phase.


Guitar for cutting portions with the same dimensions. 3 frames included. Useful dimension for cutting 400x400 mm (15,75x15,75 inches). Inox frames for ganache available (see technical datasheet).

Double guitar

Double guitar with cutting base in food aluminium. Totally dismantleable. 5 frames not included. Useful dimension for cutting: 400x400 mm (15,75x15,75 inches). BCD/I base for double guitar supplied without frames (see technical datasheet).